Praxis Connection Review is an online journal that highlights collaboration, innovation, and impact through churches in NYC.

Volume 4

Published July 2018

Three Stories of Change

In the Gospel of Mark there are three stories of change involving Jesus in Mark chapter 5. These stories say something about who Jesus is and how he views us. They also illustrate the role of faith, and the role of those on the margins to increase our faith, and some...

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Book reviews: Strategies, Theology, & Theories of Change


How does change happen? In our lives, neighborhoods, society, or organizations? Why is it so difficult? Especially when on some issues like poverty or education, a majority of people would agree that we should change things to reduce poverty or increase educational outcomes. If you’re in ministry or social services you are committed to change. Donors give to create impact & change! I believe that change is possible. I just celebrated my 39th year of faith & sobriety so I know change is possible. God has allowed me to be a part of changes in lives & systems. The Gospel is all about being transformed by the renewal of our minds!

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