What We Do

Creates and strengthens greater collaborative impact in the lives and communities of NYC, Praxis Connections focuses on improving shared knowledge, shared effort, and shared impact through innovative strategies and collaborations.
Praxis Connections will focus on providing the following items to increase and improve collaborative impact throughout NYC:
Collaborative Consulting & Coaching

Praxis Connections will provide neighborhood collaborations coaching on how they can best strengthen their community impact. Seeking to create and strengthen greater collaborative impact in the lives and communities of NYC, Praxis Connections focuses on improving shared knowledge, shared effort, and shared impact for our shared love of neighbor and our neighborhood.

What Praxis Offers
  • Organizational and collaboration strategy
  • Consulting and coaching that includes all forms of strategy
  • Program Design & Development
  • Program/Organization Management
  • Fund Development

Current Clients


Project Description

The Harvard Graduate School of Education has hired Praxis Connections around planning and development for the newly launched Leadership Institute for Faith and Education. Please visit the LIFE website to learn more about this exciting new effort at www.life.gse.harvard.edu.


Past Clients



luis palau association logo



Project Description

For nearly two years Praxis Connections, LLC and it’s President brought some start up leadership and implementation to the Luis Palau Association (LPA) effort to launch NY CityServe. Through Mr. Troy’s efforts a leadership team was formed, mission defined, and 23 neighborhood-focused collaborations were developed involving over 300 churches. These collaborations focused on how they can work together in the areas of justice, mercy, and education. LPA President Kevin Palau states, “NY CityServe would not be where it is today if not for the leadership of Chris Troy.”

View the NY CityServe Report [PDF]

Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary Logo



Project Description

Praxis Connections worked with Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary on the Hispanic Ministry Program design, program framework, fundraising strategy, and exploration of the program’s further expansion in NYC.







Project Description

Praxis Connections helped Dewsly LLC navigate the New York City funding and education community as they explored how it might offer its state of the art communication platform, LOOP K-12, to securely connect students, parents, teachers, and administrators. Improved teacher-parent-student-administration communication and collaboration which drives improved student engagement and performance.

emerging markets inc

Project Description

Emerging Markets Inc has hired Praxis Connections to initiate some exploratory work to gather and inform South Bronx churches on the EMI proven methods of engaging banks and other financial institutions for the good of their church, community, business, and their neighbor. Praxis Connections will bring together churches in Hunts Point, Mott Haven, Morrisania, and High Bridge to share about the model, identify community needs, and make recommendations on potential next steps.



Praxis Forums

Praxis Forums brings leaders together to foster a better collaborative eco system by building stronger relationships, increased knowledge and effort for Collaborative Justice & Mercy.


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Praxis Connections Review

Praxis Connection Review is an online journal that highlights collaboration, innovation, and impact through churches in NYC.


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Praxis Business In Community
Praxis Connections seeks to be a catalyst for innovative forms of ministry that have greater impact in the lives of those living in high poverty neighborhoods of NYC. Bringing the church, business leaders, and members of the community together, Praxis Business In Community seeks to create new businesses and jobs in those neighborhoods.
Praxis Creating Collaborative Impact Through Innovative Strategies and Collaborations

Code For Life

Project Description

CODE FOR LIFE is an exciting new initiative that allows neighborhood focused churches and tech skilled individuals to bring a real, lifelong tools for economic & life success to kids living in high poverty neighborhoods. CODE FOR LIFE brings a theory & methodology of change that transforms the way young people view themselves & their future through Vision Casting, Life & Technology Coaching, Case Management, Positive Peer Group Experiences, and Technology Code Skill Building. With it, young people in high poverty neighborhoods can develop the life and certified technology skills they need to thrive in their lives. CODE FOR LIFE’s church based, technology development program creates an onramp to the new Technology Economy for youth living in these high poverty neighborhoods. Learn more >