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Faith and Education: Pastors Role

by Praxis Connections Review Volume 5

Not every church will start a charter school or educational program. Pastors and the church can play an important role though in ensuring greater educational outcomes. One simple way is to write any Principal of a school where children from your church attend. A simple letter like:

Dear Principal XYZ:

My name is Pastor W of ABC Church here in Brooklyn (or wherever) and I wanted to reach out to you since 10 children (list the names) from our church attend the LMNOP Elementary School.  I would love to meet with you to learn more about the school and connect with you.

Please let me know when your available to meet.

A simple letter like this will send a message to the school that your engaged, that people care about the children listed, while showing support to parents, and communicating to children that their education is important. You can be sure that the school will take notice, parents will feel that you have their back, and young people will know that school matters.

If we can get 100 pastors to do this I’m sure it will have an impact. If you need any assistance please feel free to contact me at