Who We Are

Archbishop Joseph A. Alexander


The Most Reverend (Archbishop) Dr. Joseph A. Alexander is the Founder and Presiding Bishop of a network of influential Christian organizations in the United States and abroad. Archbishop Alexander began his work in the Lord’s vineyard as a missionary in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. He was ordained as an Assistant Pastor in June 1977 in the Bronx, NY and served in this capacity at Emmanuel Baptist Church. In 1982, he was led by the Holy Spirit to pioneer New Covenant Christian Church. During the following years the church grew rapidly, leading to the establishment of affiliate churches in 15 countries.

Archbishop Alexander obtained a Bachelors in Theology from the American Bible College in 1977 and a Bachelors in Economics and Sociology from Lehman College in 1979. He completed his Masters of Arts in Economics in 1982 after a year of studies at Fordham University and a year of studies at Lehman College, respectively. In 1985, he earned a Doctorate Degree in Sociology & Urban Policy from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. He has been awarded two honorary Doctor of Divinity and Humanities Degrees from International Christian University, Benin, in recognition of his contributions to Christian Theology and his impact among the poor communities of the world. He was listed among the “Who’s Who in American Executives” in 1989 and the “Metropolitan Who’s Who in Religion” in America in 2006. Archbishop Alexander is also an accomplished author of several books: Doubt Reduces God to Your Size, Conquering with Your Seed, The Believer’s Growth Manual, and Purpose, Priority & Plan Equal Dominion.

The Impact of His Work in New York City
For over 30 years, the work of Archbishop Alexander through the Church and various community organizations he has founded has positively impacted the county of the Bronx in the following ways.

School & Educational Programs
Archbishop Alexander founded the New Covenant Christian School system, which has three campuses in the Bronx and provides educational programs for children from Preschool through High School. Partnering with working parents and their children to succeed in their academic endeavors is the objective of the school system. The students of the elementary and middle school are among the City’s brightest, and New Covenant Christian High School boasts of a 100 per cent graduation rate.

Food Pantry Services
NCCM engages in direct outreach weekly through its food pantry program that ensures, in cooperation with the NYC Food Bank, that families in the South Bronx have access to food regardless of their financial means. Since 2010, more than 64,000 have been served. The food pantry falls under the umbrella of the New Covenant Community Development Corporation, which is the community development initiative of NCCM. NCCDC is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, established in 2007 as a response to unemployment, poverty and homelessness in the Bronx.

Federal Credit Union Program
The New Covenant Federal Dominion Credit Union (NCDFCU) is a financial institution primarily serving low-income communities in the Bronx. NCDFCU was established in 2007, after more than 7 years of intense planning to combat the dangers of predatory lending in our communities. The credit union operates under the full charter of the National Credit Union Association. NCDFCU is a member-driven financial institution. Its goal is to develop economic stability and to improve the socio-economic conditions of its members through the promotion of thrift, financial education and wealth creation.